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A green bear in uniform who is allergic to peanuts and because of war trauma on PTSD suffers. This he retired in war by his inability to kill the enemy troops head of the Tiger army, because of the result of this mishap, both his comrades (Sneaky the chameleon and Mouse Ka-Boom, a French mouse and the explosive expert of the group) died in a cruel manner, what he also directly - was involved - albeit unintentionally. On the run from the enemies he hid in Sneakys cadavers, in which he suffered shortly after his first seizure, and yet won the battle for themselves. Always bring him back to his evil self (in the series also Fliqpy called) to wreak a terrible massacre of the other Happy Tree Friends, when he reminded by something like a cake knife, a popping or red substances such as ketchup or fire, the war will. But he is not malicious. Without the influence of his disorder, he is kind and helpful and everyone seems to like him. In the episode "Double Whammy" to Flippy decides to help a psychologist (Lumpy) to take advantage of, but they can not help him. Only after Flippy has won against the personification of evil itself for a bloodbath - the recipient sees this as a bad side Flippys own character, but who turns out later to be an illusion Flippy - he seems to be cured. Shortly after this success, however, he dies. It survives almost all the episodes, except for a few.

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