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A red, very frightened porcupine with scales, the spines of the other occasionally cause problems. Flaky is very timid and cautious and seems to be the only character to the potentially lethal nature of the Happy Tree Friends world is aware of. It also seems to be the only character who is deliberately killed by other characters (seen in "Happy Trails"). Flaky kills rarely other Happy Tree Friends, and if so, by misusing their needle-like back, with which they can impale others. The sex of Flaky was not clearly established long, many fans saw Flaky a female character. The creators finally confirmed this in a video description for "Wingin 'It" in which a "her" (English for "you") with respect to Flaky committed the sex. Flaky shares the peanut allergy with Flippy and suffers from all kinds of phobias .

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