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Song: The Realm of the Fallen King
Album: Age of Wonders
Year: 2015
Copyright © BrunuhVille

Hey guys! It's been a while, I know. But the song's length actually gives away why it took me a bit more since the last time. A few things I want to say. Possible long text incoming:

Quick answers for questions that I know that will surface for people who don't like to read too much:
●Will there be a non vocal version? - Yes, as usual!
●Will there be a more classical version without drums? - Most likely, yes. This one probably as a bonus track for a future album.

So here's a song I've been working for the past month. Of all the 10min+ songs I composed this one goes on top as the most frustrating/hard/troublesome song I ever composed. Not only for its length but also for its 35+ individual instrument tracks which were a nightmare to mix and master decently. I know, 35 tracks isn't much for nowadays classical music, but to me it kind of was.

Overall a fun song to compose which progressively got bigger and bigger everyday I sat at the keyboard to compose it.
A big thanks to Sharm for once again helping me out with the voices and singing the lyrics I wrote for this piece. Lyricwise, once again, I want to note that I am NOT a writer of any sort, I have no real skills on that art neither I am native english speaker. I know that the lyrics might be a bit senseless to some of you but they mean exactly what I wanted them to and they "illustrate" perfectly the mood I wanted for this song.

I hope you all enjoy this song. Drop a like, favorite and share with your friends who might enjoy this kind of music. Your support means a lot to me. Thank you everyone ! :)

Amazing wallpaper from Jonas de Ro.
Check him out at Deviantart:
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